We are currently looking for a postdoctoral fellow to join our research group.

This is an excellent training opportunity that will allow the candidate to participate in a research project that bridges basic science and translational pre-clinical research. The outcome of project is an advanced antimicrobial wound matrix which helps to prevent and/or treat already developed wound infection and support the wound healing. Hence also first steps are taken towards clinical testing.
We are looking for individuals who are team-players, highly productive, and are able to deliver results in a timely fashion. Individuals are expected to be able to design and perform experiments independently, manage multiple projects concurrently, write manuscripts.

Scientific Area: Material Sciences; Biomaterials; Biotechnology; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Tissue
Engineering and Wound Healing.
Research Topic: Development of antimicrobial drug delivery systems for the treatment of wound
infections and the development of relevant in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo wound infection models.
Project is carried out as part of the Estonian Research Council funded project PRG1507.

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